Install & Download the Dial-up Turbocharger™.

Download the Dial-up Turbocharger™.

  • If Internet Explorer asks you whether to Run, Save, or Cancel choose Run.

    'Run' button highlighted on Internet Explorer's File Download window.

    Or is your computer not giving you a Run choice?

  • The Dial-up Turbocharger™ will download. This might take five minutes on a dial-up connection.

  • If your computer then asks you whether to Run or Don't Run, choose Run.

    'Run' button highlighted on Internet Explorer's 'The publisher could not be verified' window.


  • The installer starts. Click Next to continue installing the Dial-up Turbocharger™.

  • When finished installing, the Dial-up Turbocharger™ asks you to restart your computer to finish installing.

Speed up Firefox, Mozilla, and Netscape.

  • If your computer has Firefox, Mozilla or Netscape installed, Dial-up Turbocharger™ asks: Do you want Australia On Line Turbocharger to integrate with it now?

  • Click Yes to Turbocharge your Firefox, Mozilla, or Netscape.

Turbocharge the Internet.

  • Dial-up Turbocharger™ asks What is your Turbocharger username and password?

  • Please type your Dial-up Turbocharger™ username into the Username box.
    Please type your Dial-up Turbocharger™ password into the Password box.
    Click OK to finish.

  • Dial-up Turbocharger™ will connect to Australia On Line so that it can speed up your internet access.

  1. Dial-up Turbocharger™ overview & pricing
  2. Download & install it
  3. How it works
  4. Dial-up Turbocharger™ manual
  5. Frequently asked questions (FAQ)