Send an SMS from the Web.

Want to send an SMS to mobile phones from the web?

If you already have an account with Australia On Line you can send an SMS online straight away. When you fill in the SMS form with the mobile phone number and your text, use your Australia On Line email address and password and away you go.

Every calendar month we give you 5 free SMS. After the first five free, each SMS costs only 15 cents.

Each Australia On Line dialup or ADSL broadband account lets you send an SMS with 5 messages free per month.

You can send to Australian mobiles.

If you don't have an internet account with us but would like to SMS over the internet, have a look at our dialup internet plans and our ADSL broadband internet plans. Signup to any of our dialup or ADSL plans to get access to the Australia On Line Web-to-SMS service and your five free SMS each month.

Terms & Conditions.

Read the terms and conditions for the Australia On Line web SMS service.

What is your mobile phone number?

In an ongoing effort to prevent fraud our suppliers ask us to ensure that SMS messages are stamped with a mobile phone sender that is an actual real mobile phone number in the possession of the sending customer.

To this end we require you to register one of your real mobile phone numbers with us before you can send further SMS messages.

We'll ask you for your User name and Password to sign in. This is any username and password that you use to either connect to Australia On Line or use to access your email.

After telling us your phone number

After you tell us your phone number with us, every SMS you send will automatically use that number as its sender. Whoever you send your SMS to will see the message as if it came from your phone.