Web site monitoring service.

Awareness of the state of your production server and the services it provides shouldn't mean hitting on it 100 times a day with your browser. You've got better things to do.

Australia On Line can monitor your production server (hosted with us) and services and notify you if things go wrong.

The monitoring system will check externally visible services and local system functions (extended package only) at a frequency you define that can be as short as each few minutes. System health can be defined by availability of a service and in most cases by how quickly the service responds.

If you receive a notification, want to schedule some downtime for a service or simply want to reassure yourself that everything really, really is ok... The monitoring system allows you to check the known status of your system via a web interface. The same interface can be used to acknowledge a notification - preventing further notifications, while working to fix the problem, schedule downtime to prevent notifications when a service has been deliberately disabled or force an immediate check of a monitored service.

Please call us on 1300 650 661 to discuss monitoring your hosted site.

Base Package Extended Package (available for Linux systems)
SMS Paging
If a warning or critical condition is detected in a monitored service an SMS notification message can be sent to a mobile phone.
Notification periods
Define when you want to be notified. Don't want to be SMSed at 2 o'clock in the morning? Email will be sufficient? Fine.
Host availability
Check that the host is up and responding to pings from the network.
Webserver availability
Retrieves a specified URL and checks the HTTP response code and optionally checks the content of the page returned for specific text.
Secure webserver availability
Similar to HTTP checking, but using HTTPS.
FTP server availability
Check that the FTP server on a host is answering.
Secure Shell Availability
Check that an SSH server on a host is answering.
Disk usage
Ensure a server always has enough disk space to continue proper function with notifications if the disk usage increases to a specified minimum free threshold
Running processes
Check that specific processes are running, for example a cacheing nameserver that isn't remotely accessible can still be essential to performance of functions on the system. Can also ensure that the total number of all processes or instances of a process stay within specific limits.
Set warning and critical load levels and be notified if the system load exceeds these tolerances.
Mail Queue
Be notified if the local mail queue exceeds a threshold. A large mail queue can be a symptom of more subtle problems elsewhere.
Temperature Sensors
Even in a controlled temperature server room a machine can still overheat if a fan fails. With newer motherboards the values the temperature sensors and fan RPM sensors produce can often be monitored through kernel modules. The extended monitoring package can use this information to send notifications if temperatures or fans RPM exceed limits.
Check that database servers are running and if applicable, answering network connections. Supported DB's are Postgres, MySQL and Oracle.
Extended monitoring is achieved by installing software on the system being monitored and a daemon, standalone or run from inetd/xinetd. Access to monitoring information is restricted via tcpwrappers to our monitoring host.
Monitoring some aspects of a system may require specific libraries.

Ask us about monitoring other externally visible services not mentioned here.


PackageMonthly fee per server
Basic Monitoring only$50
Extended Monitoring
(includes Basic)

All prices are in Australian dollars and inclusive of GST.


Once you decide to go ahead with monitoring, information about the services you want monitored will be required. Thresholds will need to be set for what constitutes a problem. Some software may need to be installed on your system (we can work out a way to do this you are comfortable with).

If necessary, after initial setup, monitoring properties such as warning and critical thresholds, timeout periods can be adjusted as you adjust your own tolerance of what is a healthy system.

Please call us on 1300 650 661 to discuss monitoring your hosted site.

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