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renewed every two years per annum1 recurring annual fee of $165.002

All prices are in Australian dollars and inclusive of GST.

1 Includes free domain renewal after first year of delegation with Australia On Line.

2 Includes free domain renewal while domain remains delegated with Australia On Line.

Example domain names are:

Many more domains are available.

All services include 10 free email aliases with forwarding:
e.g., -> -> -> ->

Please call us on 1300 650 661 to discuss your domain names.

About domain names.

Obtaining an internet domain name for your company is a two part process - registration and delegation.

Registration is the process where the name of your choice is actually registered and reserved for use on the internet. When first registered, your new domain name is not yet visible to the internet. For your domain to become visible it needs to be delegated to a domain name service.

Delegation is the process of informing the internet which computers belong to your domain name.

Delegating a domain name to Australia On Line means that our servers become responsible for making sure that your domain name is visible to the rest of the internet.

In most circumstances we can complete the registration and delegation process on behalf of your company.

If your company already has a domain name hosted with another provider, we can redelegate your domain at no extra cost.

Please call us on 1300 650 661 to discuss your domain names.

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