Business on the internet.

Internet solutions for your business.

Australia On Line has experience in providing internet solutions to suit all range of business, from sole trader to small business to SME to government to corporation.

We will help you meet goals of improving productivity, creating efficiency, promoting your business, and adding flexibility.

Please call us on 1300 650 661 to discuss putting your business online.

Elements of an Australia On Line internet solution.

Online Presence

Register your own domain name,, so that potential customers can find you on the internet.

Think about registering related domain names: Abbreviations, nicknames, or typos of your business name.

Host your web site in a secure, controlled, stable environment.

Setup email addresses on your domain name for professionalism and flexibility, such as or

Unique Look and Feel

Your web site suits your business' image. This is an opportunity to define the image of your business if it isn't already clear.

Avoid the "looks the same as everyone else" problems associated with amateurish template sites.

Functionality, usability, and aesthetics merge so that frequent users of the web site fulfill their goals efficiently, and visitors leave with a positive view of your business.

Provide us with your logos, photos, promotional materials, or even examples of work that you like, and we'll incorporate it into your web presence.

Online Shopping

Your goods and services are available to customers worldwide, 24 hours a day.

Organise your shopfront so that your customers have immediate access to your best goods and services, and easy access to all goods and services.

From locating a product to selecting purchases to finalising payment, the customer is presented with a smooth, informative process.

Easy access to information about security, shipping, taxes, currency, supporting Australian and international customers.

Keep your customers informed about which stage of the ordering process they're at, and what's next.

Keep your business informed about orders.

Payment Options

Provide an online order process for immediate purchases.

Provide printable, faxable, mailable, or emailable order forms for offline purchases.

Sensitive information is encrypted for protection.

Establish an online payment facility with any major bank that provides a payment gateway, if you have a preferred bank.

Content Management

Store your accounts, sales, and inventory information in a database, where your information can be used for customising a customer's next web site visit, to aid in your decision making, in reports, in other computer systems.

Access frequently updated information directly over the web in a secure administration facility that allows your authorised staff to add or change details without requiring ongoing development services from a programmer.

Data Analysis

Identify which information is important to your business, and we'll build the web site to track that information and present it to you in your preferred format.

Search and Categorisation

Let a site search engine do the dirty work of presenting your customer with the best pages for their keywords.

Show users the options available for a specific category (like brand or product type or model number or size or colour) with a set of dropdown selection boxes for narrowing down possibilities until they locate their product of interest.

Optimise the underlying code of your site to automatically improve your ranking with search engines.


See how many people are visiting your web site.

See which pages on your site people are reading.

See how many times the same people are returning.

See where your visitors are coming from.

See which search engines and which keywords are driving traffic to your site.


Keep your site fresh with news and updates via your content management facility.

Newsletters, mailouts, and discussion forums all help build a positive relationship with your customers.


Highlight particular goods and services in daily, weekly, or monthly specials.

Choose your specials via your content management facility, or have them automatically selected.

Powerful, flexible Infrastructure

Evolve your web site as business needs and customer needs change.

Will your content change frequently? Build in a content management system for your authorised staff to update content without requiring ongoing development services from a programmer.

Is your content generally static? Optimise your site so that the content is delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Balance budget and deadline constraints with features, flexibility, and scalability in your web site.


Do you have a wild idea? Talk to us. We'll let you know if the technology's ready for you.

Please call us on 1300 650 661 to discuss putting your business online.

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