Home Phone Advanced - 12 month renewable plan

Monthly Line Rental



Call waiting
Call forwarding

Local calls - untimed


Connection - timed mobile 2 , timed national 3 , international


National calls 3

20c per 60 second block
Capped at $1.50 for first 3 hours per call, anytime

Calls to Telstra™ mobiles 2

36c per min
Capped at $2.00 for the first 20 mins, anytime.

Calls to non-Telstra™ mobiles 2

36c per min
Capped at $2.00 for the first 20 mins, anytime

13-number call connection fee


Calls to USA, UK, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ireland, Canada landlines

$1 up to 10 minutes per call

International call rates

All international call rates


12 month plan, $269 early termination fee

1 Applies when calls start in the capped time zone.

2 Refers to ordinary mobile services, such as GSM, 3G and 4G services and excludes satellite mobile phones.

3 National calls are long distance calls to Australian land lines.

Optional Australia On Line Home Phone Complete plan features.

Silent number




Calling number display (CND)


Phone Rental - T1000C


Phone Rental - T1000 SMS


Phone Rental - T1000S


Phone Rental - Wall Touch Phone


Phone Rental - T200 Phone


Easy Call Control


Easy Call Abbreviated Dialing


Prices are per month.