1.5GB Mobile Broadband only $29.95/month

Mobile Wireless Broadband Internet.

1.5GB Mobile Broadband
only $29.95/month!

Alcatel X220 One Touch.

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Out of Stock
USB Modem & SIM card Free Free Free Free
SIM card for BYO hardware
(iPad®, modem, tablet)
No Contract No Contract No Contract No Contract
Monthly Price $29.95/month $44.95/month $59.95/month $69.95/month
Monthly Price Critical Info Summary Critical Info Summary Critical Info Summary Critical Info Summary
30 day trial. FREE exit when SIM & USB modem returned within first 30 days thereafter 24 month term applies.
$15 delivery

Frequently asked questions (FAQ).

How do I track my usage?

Your usage is available in the members area of our website.

We also send email and SMS alerts when you have used more than 80% of your monthly allowance and again when you have used more than 100%. Beyond 100% additional data is 7c per MegaByte. SMS alerts are only sent during the day after midday Melbourne time. Usage information may be delayed and depending on the speed of your data usage you may exceed your monthly allowance before you receive alerts or before your additional usage is visible in the member's usage meter.

Is additional Internet usage available?

Additional data is 7c per MegaByte.

Can I change my plan?.

Yes. Plan upgrades are free.

Plan downgrades incur a $29 charge.

Plan changes take effect on the 1st day of the calendar month when requested a week or more prior.

Is there a limit to the amount of data I can use per calendar month?

10GB is the maximum monthly usage on the 2GB plan. 12GB is the maximum monthly usage on the 4GB and 8GB plan. 20GB is the maximum monthly usage on the 12GB and 18GB plan.

If you purchased a 1GB, 3GB, 6GB or 10GB plan prior to the 27th May, 2011, 10GB is the maximum amount of data you can use in any given calendar month.

What happens once I reach my limit of data in any given calendar month?

The Mobile Wireless Broadband service will be suspended until the first day of the next calendar month.

What hardware do I need?

You will need a computer with a spare USB port.

Australia On Line provide the SIM card and optionally an Alcatel X220 USB modem. The USB modem looks like a USB thumb drive and can be plugged into a spare USB port directly or via a USB cable.

What are the computer requirements?

You need a PC or Laptop with a USB port and Windows XP or higher, or a Mac with OS X 10.3.7 or above.

What are the purchase options?
  • SIM + Modem pack for $0 upfront with 24 month commitment plus $15 postage.
  • SIM + Modem pack with no contract for $54 upfront with 0 month commitment plus $15 postage.
  • SIM only packs are available for $0 plus $15 postage with no commitment.
How do I receive my SIM and when can I start to use it?

After you've signed up, you will be charged the purchase price for your chosen hardware, the first month's access fee and postage and handling.

The hardware will be dispatched to you via Australia Post.

The SIM card will not be activated when you receive it.

Upon receiving the SIM card you should call Australia On Line support, identify yourself and your SIM card will be activated.

What if I already have my own hardware such as a 3G modem, iPad® or netbook with a built in 3G modem?

SIM only packs are available for $0 plus $15 postage with no contract.

How much does it cost up front?

A SIM + Modem pack is $0 with 24 month commitment and $15 delivery.

A SIM only pack is $0 with no commitment and $15 delivery.

The monthly access charge is paid monthly in advance from either a credit card or direct debit.

What modem does Australia On Line provide?

Alcatel X220 One Touch USB Modem.

Which 3G network delivers Australia On Line mobile broadband?

Australia On Line uses the Optus Dual Band 3G Mobile Network.

It delivers 3G access to 96% of Australia's population using the 900/2100 MHz network bands.

When does my included data quota begin and end?

The included data quota applies to the calendar month.

Any data unused in an given calendar month is not carried over to the next month.

Your data quota is restored on the first day of the calendar month.

When your SIM card is activated part way through a month, you will be entitled to your full data quota in that first calendar month, even though the SIM card will only be active for part of that first calendar month.

Am I charged the full monthly access fee for the first part month my SIM is active?

When a SIM card is activated part way through the first calendar month, you may be charged the full access fee when you sign up, but the amount of that first charge that is in excess of the pro rata calculated access fee for the first month will be applied to the following month. Hence you would be charged less than the expected monthly access fee for the second month.

Australia On Line provides support for the hardware we sell.

Australia On Line sell and support the Alcatel X220 USB Modem.

Other hardware intended for Australia should work. Australia On Line will provide advice and support to assist you in connecting to our Mobile Broadband services for hardware other than our own as best we can.

In particular the Optus Network supports 3G on the 2100 MHz and 900 MHz frequencies.

Optus uses the 900 MHz frequency for 3G outside of the metropolitan areas.

Some devices such as the original 3G iPad cannot use 3G on the 900 MHz network, such that they will fall back to slower 2G or 2.5G connections and hence slower speeds in 900 MHz 3G coverage areas.

Will I still be an Australia On Line customer?

You will still be an Australia On Line customer not an Optus customer.

How can I be assured of good Mobile Broadband coverage in the areas I want to use it?

Call us on 1300 650 661 to find out.

If you are purchasing our SIM only pack for BYO devices, the only minimum period at any time is the current calendar month, so you can cancel without financial penalty. If you are purchasing our SIM plus Modem pack, you can cancel within the first 30 days without exit fees by returning the SIM and Modem to us.

The return address for SIM plus Modem packs is
Australia On Line
PO Box 475, Warrandyte, VIC, 3113
If we do not received the SIM and USB modem back and in good condition then an exit fee is payable.

Are there any roaming charges?

No. There are no roaming charges.

How fast will my service be?

Downloading will be fast, typically 1 to 2 Mb/s.

There are a number of factors that affect the speed and effectiveness of the signal including :-

  1. The Location of the USB modem, indoors, out of doors.
  2. The type of building the Mobile Wireless Broadband is used in.
  3. Blocking behaviour of surrounding buildings.
  4. Distance from the mobile phone tower.
  5. The number of people using the mobile network in the area at the time.
Downloading may not be as fast as an ADSL or ADSL2+ fixed line service.

If you require high speeds and have large download requirements then Mobile Wireless Broadband may not meet your needs.

Is upload included in my "included data" as well as download?

Yes, your included data includes upload and downloaded data.

Will I get a free email box with Australia On Line Mobile Wireless Broadband?

Yes. 20 free email boxes are available with each Mobile Wireless Broadband service, including free junk email filter and free email virus filter.

Will I get free web space with Australia On Line Mobile Wireless Broadband?

Yes, 10MB free web space is available with each Mobile Wireless Broadband service.

Does the SIM card allow SMS messages or phone calls.

No, the SIM card only supports Internet access.

Are there any SMS messages from the keyboard with Mobile Wireless Broadband?

Yes you can send up to 5 free SMS txt messages/month from the keyboard via our home pages.

Is a static IP address available?

Yes, static IP addresses are available for an extra $5/month.

Setup a mobile wireless broadband internet connection.

Setup mobile wireless broadband on Microsoft Windows

Setup mobile wireless broadband on Apple Mac OS X

Helpdesk/support: 9am-9pm AEDT, call 1300 650 661