Mates Rates referrer program.

Do yourself, and a mate, a favour with Mates Rates.

Give your mates rates number to a mate.

When they join up quoting your mates rates number, they get $1 off per month and you get a $1 off per month! Everyone wins!

That's $1 off for you and a $1 off for them, per month, not just for the first month, not just for a year but for as long as you both remain members!

How many mates can you join up? As many as you like! What kind of mate do they have to be? Good, bad or indifferent, whoever you like.

If enough mates join, you get your internet absolutely free.

Imagine; a school can get free broadband simply by signing up and getting a mates rate number and then signing up enough parents with the school's mates rates number to get FREE broadband! Or a cricket club, or a kinder or whatever.

If more than enough mates join you accumulate credit that you can spend on upgrading to broadband or on anything else we sell!